Cauliflower Soup

When my husband is out at Sea,  I eloquently revert to my “quick cooking” regime and nothing signifies it better that a Soup. For me soup serves 3 major purposes :-

  • Hassle free easy cooking
  • Best option to manage weight
  • Consumption of otherwise not so tasty veggies 🙂

Having tempted you with the benefits, here comes the super easy and yummy Cauliflower Soup recipe.


Cauliflower- 7-8 florets

Milk- half cup

Water- half cup

Onion- 1

Pepper- 2 tsp

Salt- to taste

Butter- 1 tsp


Boil cauliflower florets for 5-7 minutes. On another pan, saute onions in butter for 5 minutes. After cooling a bit, churn both cauliflower and sauted onions in a mixer till it becomes a runny paste. Add water if required. Take the same pan in which you sauted the onions and put it on a slow flame. Add the cauliflower paste in the pan and add milk to it. Keep stirring and at the end add salt and pepper. You can adjust the thickness of your soup by adding water to it. Garnish it with some fried bread crumbs and voila, yummy cauliflower soup is ready to serve.



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