Visit To the City- Mumbai

The best part about being a naval wife is shifting. I get to explore new cities, new lives, new culture….in short with Time we Travel for all new Treats 🙂

So before I write about any other city, why not start with the one I stay at.

Our first posting- Amchi Mumbai!

A lot have been said about Mumbai before and indeed there is something different about it. Every lens covers a different picture of this city. From fish markets to local trains to film studios to beaches to vada pavs (Mumbai style burgers) to kaali peeli (black & yellow taxis)…there is a huge list of trademarks here. The more you know them, the more you want to explore.

If you are not from Mumbai and you are on a small visit, follow this list of must do’s:


1. Get up with extincting Parsi style eateries

2. Travel in local trains, run with city speed

3. Sea view sunsets, Club hopping as the city never sleeps


1. Gateway ferry to see the sea from a bit closer

2. Nariman Point sunset for that picturesque view

3. Bandra street shopping (for girls, girlfriends, wives, daughters)

4. VT station to see that local chaos

5. Siddhi vinayak temple for the inner peace and blessings


1. Vada paav

2. Bombay sandwich

3. Pav bhaji

With so much to do in the city that never sleeps, I am only sharing a drop of ocean and that because its repay time. Its time for you to explore it and share the picture of your lens. I am sure Mumbai is way too bigger better and bolder than it looks because, zara hatke, zara bachke ye hai Mumbai meri jaan! (get a side and be careful because this is Mumbai my love)


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