Aachaari Masala Aaloo (Pickled Spice Potatoes)

I feel lucky to have born in India which is a hub of all kind of spices, and to top it all we have huge range of pickles to make best use of these spices. I love pickles as for me, they are the best and readily available alternate to all my cooking experiments 😛

My mum sent me this very spicy home made chilly pickle. It had all the aromas of the world to tickle the hunger out. And may be that’s why its the most consumed food product in my house. But usually the chilly pieces gets over and the aachaar masala (pickled spice) remain. Since the masalas are usually oily, I prefer to avoid it to some extend. But let me tell you, this part of every pickle is the most delicious portion of the entire dish. So somehow I didn’t want to waste that gold by simply throwing it.

After giving it a quick thought, I analysed that I should better use the remainder where oil and spice is needed together. I didn’t had to go much farther as the best way I could club both the things is by making any vegetable in it. What’s better than trying it on Potatoes? Easiest, simplest and safest. And that’s when the recipe of Achaari Masala Aaloo (Pickled Spice Potatoes) took a shape.

Aachaari Masala Aaloo_TimeTravelTreats

Aachaari Masala Aaloo

This whole amalgamation came out so perfect that I went a step ahead in using this masala in Paranthas (Flat Breads) to make Aachaari Paranthas. The combination of curd with Aachaari Parantha is the best treat for you and your families on Sundays.

But first recipe of Aachaari Masala Aaloo and guess what, since the masala is already prepared there are only 3 ingredients:

  1. Aachaar Masala (Pickled spices) – 3 tbsp
  2. Boiled Potatoes diced in to small pieces – 3 pcs
  3. Salt to taste

Now enjoy this 2 minute method of award winning dish:

  • Take a pan and heat it.
  • Add Aachaar Masala into it and let it heat.
  • Now add diced potatoes and salt to taste.
  • Stir it for 5 minutes till entire masala stick every piece of potato.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves to even make it look delicious.
Aachaari Masala Aaloo_TimeTravelTreats

Aachaari Masala Aaloo

Food is ready! Your most delicious potato vegetable is ready to serve. Take a break from your monotonous age old potato vegetable and add this little twist to evolve the taste to the next level.

Aachaari Masala Aaloo_TimeTravelTreats

Aachaari Masala Aaloo

I am glad to have saved the aachaar masala in the best way I could. If you have some other delighting tips for it, do share as I would love this gold to be used more often and in varied ways. Have fun with your cooking and remember, sharing is pairing!

Happy Cooking and Cheers!


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