10 Most Practical must have items for your Hospital Bag

10 Most Practical must have items for your Hospital Bag_timetraveltreats

Maternity Hospital Bag

Hospital bags are pretty exciting things during pregnancy. It’s an amazing feeling to get yourself ready for the moment which you have waited for nine long months. There couldn’t be a biggest proof of this excitement then the fact that the internet is swamped with the pregnancy hospital bag lists and tutorials. But are those lists and tutorials makes a practical hospital bag that every pregnant female need? Well, not really.

Being a first-time mum, I also checked as many tutorials as I could to make sure that I am organised and correct. I added everything in my hospital bag which I learned from:
A) Tutorials
B) My Hospital List
C) Mothers and other friends guidance

I wanted to make sure that I have all the things ready and at my disposal whenever I need them at the hospital. But when my hospital stay actually happened, my entire hospital bag became a nightmare. Firstly, I ended up having a heavy loaded bag and secondly, among the midst of things, finding the right thing at the right time became a mission.

Having such a chaotic experience of the most important thing, I learned my lesson and decided to pass on. Hence the idea of this blog post came up where I will share the most practical hospital bag lists with you guys to make sure you do not mess it up my way. So let’s get started.

Lets start with the practical list of items that you should have in your hospital bag.

– 3 feeding gowns. Not necessarily you will have the milk formation in hospital but you will need the gowns anyways. Gowns are a safer bet for both normal and C-Sec delivery as they do not disturb your waistline. Else you can even go with front button t-shirts. Try them before you pack them in your bag.

10 Most Practical must have items for your Hospital Bag_timetraveltreats

Maternity Hospital Bag

– Some woollens. This list will include, 2 pair socks, a jacket/ cardigan and a scarf. Considering the AC running in hospitals, you will need these items of clothing for sure.

– Back to home dress. You cannot be going back home from hospital in a gown. Just put a comfortable dress on and head back home.

– Your toiletries and bath linens. Pack everything that you use during your daily chores. This pack is no different from your travel toiletries kit. Still to list it down- Shampoo, conditioner, body wash/ soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, moisturiser, face cream, lip balm, hair brush/ comb, hair band/ hair pin. You can add items as per your daily usage of toiletries e.g dental floss, mouth wash, hair serum etc. It is advised if you use sachets or mini or travel size bottles of your stuff to put them all in a fairly smaller pouch. Pack your towel and a pair of hand towel. I picked up thin cotton towels which use to dry up quickly under the fan.

– Pads. There are maternity pads available in market which claim to absorb better. But after little survey I analysed three drawbacks of maternity pads. First that they don’t have wings and second they are very thick and third they have cotton top layer which, I feel, doesn’t give that good dryness as regular netted ultra sanitary pads. So I blindly trusted my regular menstrual ultra pads and yes they worked really well. The only difference was that I used to change them quite frequently to avoid any leakage.

– Breast Pump. This one is a must have in your bag. You can only be lucky to not require it but you should still have it either ways. It will take 1-2 days for the milk to form but when it starts coming, the baby who is still practicing to suck milk, might not consume it all in one go and you will have to pump out the rest. Because if you will not pump out, your breast will get very heavy causing enormous pain. Take manual pump or auto suction depending on your budget.

– Breast Pads and Nipple lubricant. I did without breast pads but that was a mistake I did. Believe me you will need them initially say few weeks while your are in hospital or out and till baby start starts sucking milk properly. When the milk is full, the breast starts leaking milk and the leakage pops out of your dress. You don’t want this to turn into  public embarrassment and therefore, whenever you are out, having breast-pads will take you off this worry. Also, once you start feeding, the nipples get very dry and you need to regularly lubricate them. Ask your doctor for a recommended nipple cream. I used nip care initially but later used to grease with either coconut oil or olive oil which solved my purpose.

– Hygiene Stuff. Pack yourself some wet tissues. Wait,you thought only baby will need this? Well doctors recommend cleaning your nipples each times before feeding baby and that’s when wet tissues comes handy. They are not only handy and more convenient to use but are more hygienic. Next is a sanitizer. You will not only need it for yourself but you can even ask the visitors to use it before they touch the baby. Its basically to be more cautious.

10 Most Practical must have items for your Hospital Bag_timetraveltreats

Hygiene Items

– Baby items. 3-4 pairs of Baby clothes, socks, mittens, 2 sets of cap, baby blanket, 1 set of swaddler or any big piece of cloth in which you can swaddle the baby, 1 pack fortified milk (in case your milk formation will be delayed), a feeding bottle, thermos, diapers. Though my doctors denied using diapers initially to check the count on baby’s urine pass, in that case keeping a dozen of cloth nappies is advised.

– Last but not the least few gadgets. Phone with its charger is utmost important and I am sure you will not miss out on that. If you have a power bank, then pop it in as well. Third and the most important gadget in this list is your camera. Well if your phone gives you satisfying picture results then don’t sweat on it otherwise pack your camera with battery charged, because girl, you will thank me later. Hospital pics with baby makes the lifelong memory and the best cherished moments.

It is highly advised to use separate pouches or bags to be have a more organised bag. You can even use polybags or whatever is conveniently available with you.

10 Most Practical must have items for your Hospital Bag_timetraveltreats

Use separate pouches to be more organised

The show is still on and here I have another list but this one is smaller and opposite to what I have talked so far. It’s the list of items I find are most talked about but I didn’t use them at all.

Maternity Bras- I bought a pair but I was pretty comfortable with even my normal bra. So I didn’t find much of a difference in buying a separate one which as such go into deep closet.
Feeding cover – I used a shawl throughout and it worked just as well. It was only about covering yourself up in public which even a simple plain shawl can do. Just think about it!
Pacifiers – Guys trust me, your babies are better off without them as well. Instead, its a vicious cycle of getting rid of them later. So considering that, I never used any pacifiers for my baby.
And that’s it. These are the most practical must have items for your hospital bag, everything else is good to have but you will only increase the weight of it. Making a spot on hospital bag can be subjective as different minds have different opinions on their personal liking but these items were the only items I could make full use of. I have seen so many videos suggesting carrying good amount of make up, hair dryers, curling rods and what not in these bags, but excuse me, who will have that much time and energy after long hours of labor and initial baby demands?
10 Most Practical must have items for your Hospital Bag_timetraveltreats

Maternity Hospital Bag

So ladies, don’t get all paranoid over it, by the end its a matter of couple of days what all can you actually miss? Its better to have a bag with quintessential rather than to have a Pandora box. You will be practically more engaged in recovering, feeding your baby and sleeping. The remaining time, you will be busy syncing in the change. Quickly make yourself this hospital bag with all the practical items I have mentioned and get ready for the roller coaster ride.



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