Lets know each other!

Hey, I am Swati and thank you for visiting my blog.
I am not a writer but yes I dream a lot. Dreams gives my thoughts wings and since its an endless journey, I have a bag full of them 🙂
I am a full time working professional in digital media and that’s when the  thought of writing a blog popped in and I completely went gaga about the idea of having my own space to capture these dreams, evaluate them and further share with all.

In my introduction I will say that I am a daughter, a sister, a friend and a Naval Wife and with all these multi-facet characters, I believe I will be able to relate with you all very well. I am very excited to give you some bit in terms of fashion, lifestyle, hobbies, cooking, traveling etc. and take a lot in return (yes its a two way deal :P)
I hope you find this blog very interesting and it will make your time travel through different treats. If any of my posts could inspire you even in the tiniest of way, I will have another dream ticked in my bucket list.

So tighten up your sail for a merry time journey!


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