Time Travel Treats- Savoury Muffins

Savoury Muffins – Three Flavours

I am not into extravagant cooking and lavish and elaborate spreads. Easy, simple, quick cooking is my forte and I love experimenting in that zone. And why not, with all the running around that we guys do, everyone needs a quick solution to their meals. And, if you will add the element of a healthy…

Time Travel Treats_Stuffed Roasted Peppers (1)

Bharwa Mirch (Stuffed Roasted Peppers)

Before I actually started making this, I went online to see how others worked out their stuffed peppers and how I can differentiate if from those versions. And then popped the idea. I quickly started working on it and here I present, in front of you all, my version of Bharwa Mirch (Stuffed Roasted Peppers). Yes…

Aachaari Masala Aaloo_TimeTravelTreats

Aachaari Masala Aaloo (Pickled Spice Potatoes)

I feel lucky to have born in India which is a hub of all kind of spices, and to top it all we have huge range of pickles to make best use of these spices. I love pickles as for me, they are the best and readily available alternate to all my cooking experiments 😛 My mum…

Tadka Idli_TimeTravelTreats

Tadka Idli (Tempered Ricecake)

I am a huge fan of South Indian meal and the one which is my all time favorite is Idli. Idli is one healthy dish which has lately become my comfort food. I try to make best use the soft and fluffiness of this versatile dish as much possible People say ildis are best suited…

TimeTravelTreats_Badam Halwa

Badam Halwa (Almond Pudding)

No meal is complete without a good hearty sweet dish. We have a saying which says that, sweet dishes are king of every meal. No matter how crowded the street is, when king enters, the lane gets cleared itself. Likewise, no matter how full you are with food, sweets find their way to stomach automatically.…

TimeTravelTreats_Choco Strawberry French Toast

Choco-Strawberry French Toast

Its first day of the new year, I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year. And since we all are in last night party hangover (including me), I thought why not make a quick treat with a little twist and hence, Choco-Strawberry French Toast. We all know how to make french toast. But…


Boondi Raita

For me lunch is not complete without a Curd. Since its a daily affair, I make sure it doesn’t get monotonous because curd certainly gives lot of nutrition. It not only meets your dairy needs but also works wonders for gut and digestion. So as I was saying that I bring lot of twists to curd to make…